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A Guide to Setup IPTV on IPTV Smarters Pro


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Aug 10, 2022
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IPTV Smarters Pro takes a slightly different approach than most other IPTV players in terms of layout and user interface. It also includes neat little features that I found very refreshing.
IPTV Smarters Pro is a full fledged IPTV player available for Android, iOS and smart TV platforms (especially LG and Samsung) and can be downloaded from the respective TV app stores. It's also certified to run on a PC. H. Windows 8/10/11, macOS & Linux, etc.

Step 1: Click the “Load your Playlist or File/URL” button to continue.


Step 2: Click “Allow” to allow IPTV Smarters pro to access files on your device.


Step 3: Fill out the app form and click “Add User”.


The playlist name should be easily accessible if you have multiple IPTV services. The playlist type should be M3U and the file/URL should be his M3U link provided by your IPTV provider. The app refers to different IPTV services as 'users', so be careful not to confuse them. Login with Xtream Codes API (recommended).
M3U playlist URLs are often long and difficult to type into the app, especially when you type them with the FireStick remote.
Therefore, we recommend using the Xtream Codes API instead. They are short and easy to type.
The Xtream Codes API will be emailed to you by your IPTV provider with the M3U playlist URL. If you did not receive this, please contact your IPTV provider. After clicking "Login with Xtream Codes API", you will be presented with a window to enter your details.


Step 4: Your channel list will load here. Please wait for a while until the loading process is completed.


Step 5: Then you will see the following screen. After it loads, click Live TV.


Step 6: The following screen will appear. You will see the IPTV channel categories on the left, the channels for each category in the middle, and the PIP (Picture In Picture) display on the right.


Step 7: Click Selected Channels. Notice that the channel starts playing in a small window. You can preview content before playing it in full screen. Click an ad.


That's all! Now You can now watch IPTV channels, movies, series and much more on your favourite device.
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