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AirTV IPTV Customer Review! Most authentic customer comments! Free trial for 3 days!

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Aug 4, 2021
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AirTV IPTV has been on the market for more than 5 years and is trusted and supported by many users.

Here’s what AirTV users have said about AirTV IPTV over the years, leaving reviews on Trustpilot, Yotpo, Reddit, SNS, and more. There are so many AirTV reviews out there, this post is just a collection of them, and you’re welcome to discuss all AirTV IPTV. Click here to buy IPTV or take a free 3-day trial.

If you want to see what Internet experts have to say about the AirTV IPTV service, check out these IPTV Review videos.

OK, Let’s see what users are saying about airTV service

airtv iptv review

Customer review


I can’t find fault with this company. You get exactly what you pay for. I can’t comment on the customer service, as I’ve never had to contact them, which is a good thing!

Olivier Mbi

The experience is great and I will not hesitate to recommend this to friends but in my opinion, I think the exchange rate was a bit higher.

Zara McCain

Great service and great response to inquiries


Very happy about their services. Many relatives and friends using it after I told them about it.

I wish I could use two devices at the same time. It’s the only thing that is missing.

Fiona Daly

quick response, excellent service, great value for money!

Athanassios dates

very happy satisfied good quality picture

Kev Fox

Been using this service for many years without issue

David Beckett

It does what it says it can and very well

Paul Southern

All went very well. Received my code within a short time of purchasing. Entered into my new android box and I’ve been watching great TV ever since.


AirTV is a great service; very quick purchase with instant code in your account, the email version of your code can take a bit longer to receive but it will arrive

Some channels suffer from lag in the lip-sync but not many (1 or 2 tops) and more often the next day they are back to normal again. I wish they used PayPal though, it would make it feel like a safer service and be more user-friendly.

A great product, well done to all. Thank you.


Great service, all the channels you need and very very reliable. I’ve told all my friends about it. I’m using this service for nearly 4 years now so that in its self is proof it’s excellent

Carlos Sanchez

Brilliant service very reliable

S Small

AirTV IPTV is perfect during the Covid 19 Saga

I would like to review AirTV during the coronavirus.

As we all know that the coronavirus has caused our country to have a lockdown so we have to stay at home for at least the next 3 weeks.

I am not really a person who can sit in front of the tv and watch tv all day but I have to say knowing I have got I view the days do go quickly as there is so much choice to choose from and the movies are updated daily.

a friend of mine has taken out sky tv recently due to the coronavirus and I have to say AirTV is so much better than the sky and a fraction of the price my friend has to know canceled his sky subscription and moved to AirTV,

thank you AirTV you have made the lockdown die to coronavirus more bearable.

David Alexander

I have to say this is one of the most stable IPTV providers out there, will also say it is rather expensive for only 1 connection and a cost of 113.00 a year.

5 stars keep up the great work.

Leon James

The best thing around. Reliable trustworthy

Tony Murphy

A very stable picture with a wide choice of programs. One small issue is with color saturation, on sport, it is most noticeable with colors a little washed out.


I’ve been using IPTV for nearly 2 years and couldn’t recommend it more. Great selection of live channels including sports channels, and on-demand movies, and tv series.

Easy to purchase and great customer service.

Rod Munch

I have been using AirTV IPTV for three years now and it beats all other IPTV services hands down. Never freezes, no changing channels to find the better stream. All channels are HD. Excellent for sport including 3 o clock games. On-demand movies are of excellent quality. Tried other services before this and would never go back. I would definitely recommend it.

Lee McKeown

Good quality TV at a reasonable price that has no buffering or lagging and good customer service too.

Dima Bd

I have been using AirTV for 2 years already and I am very satisfied with the services they provide. I recommended it without a doubt.

Brook Griffiths

Have been using AirTV Plus for 2-3 years. It’s great & works very well & enjoy being able to watch a sports game later if I have missed it live. Can recommend it to anyone. Well with it. Thank you.

Dave M BKK

The user of almost one year. Better than every other similar service. Not perfect, but still good value & I continue it. I prefer a more extensive selection of movies, better resolution & less lag / buffering during live sports events.

Ken Stevens

I have been using AirTV with 7 days catch-up for 3 years now and absolutely love it. We can watch all our favorite TV programs when we want + all the latest movies & tv serials. Well done guys


Good value for money especially if a person chooses to buy an annual or 6 monthly subscription. Big savings then.

Michael Dee

Very good service, tried a few IPTV providers gotta say this is the best.

Kevin Davie

Excellent service has been using it for 2 years now and can highly recommend it

Pauline Ogden

AirTV is the best streaming service that I’ve tried in my 9 years in Thailand; the best selection of channels, great reliability, and pretty good value for money. There are a couple of small things that annoy me – the catch-up facility sometimes stops before the end of the program that I missed and can’t be extended, and occasionally what’s actually on the channel is different from what it states, but these are minor problems.

Peter Stonebridge

AirTV is the best streaming video service available in Thailand. I have tried so many others and they all had problems – bad choice of channels, picture freezing or pixellating, etc.

The price for AirTV has actually gone down over the past year, and you’ll be hard-pressed to find a better package for under 5,000 Baht per year. All the live sports channels and a great choice of Videos On Demand for both movies and TV shows e.g. Big Little Lies.

I only have one suggestion for improvement. There are hundreds of channels when you select the category “All”. I wish it would keep the channel numbers the same when you select a different category instead of renumbering them. Just omit the channels that don’t fit the category but keep the same numbers. That would make it easier to remember which channel to select to watch your favorite shows (regardless of the category selected).

Andrew James

Good customer service and reliable stream


Hi-quality playback, almost no buffering, and the channels we want.

Martin Mulligan

Best IPTV I’ve used the picture freezes up now and again but nothing to worry about good EPG easy to navigate it’s well worth the money


By far the best service out there.


Honestly, I tried many service providers and I looked everywhere for stable and reliable IPTV Service. I only found it here. IPTV AirTV is the best and only one I recommended.


Customer care was very good accept the response time could have been faster The product overall is an excellent great layout of the app the video section is great and the stations, most work fine no freezing One area which could improve is the EPL ( English Premier League ) stations were blank although there is plenty of alternatives with Sky Sports and Bein Sports Its not easy to find a reliable IPTV service IPTV AirTV is up there with the best of them

Mr John Ryan

The best most reliable IPTV out there could do with the follow football but sailing that it as everything

Ian Murphy

Hi I think the service is great and anyone I have dealt with has been more than helpful but I wish there were programming times and schedules for the USA channels and can Australian channels be added at some stage in the future that would be great. Thanks for a great service I will be renewing my subscription when this one ends to keep up the great work regards Ian Murphy

Wayne Marriott

I would highly recommend AirTV IPTV, fantastic service and great catch up and record facility on extra

Peter Kurtz

I use AirTV Plus and I love it. I appreciate the 7-day replay and all the channels. It can be challenging to install the codes and adding more time. However, it is well worth it.


Used AirTV IPTV for about 3 years. Fantastic service and highly recommended

John Carberry

I have found the app great value for money and the tech support is very good.

Tony Draaijer

Great access to lots of TV channels and a massive range of Videos on Demand.

Jim Alexander

The best IPTV without a dought.Great working EPG as well as movies.The best you can get, no buffering great viewing.


Best IP TV around, I’ve had this now for 5 years and recommend it to everyone I meet. It works all over the world. For someone who travels a lot, it’s a godsend. If you don’t have it you’re missing out.

Garry Parkinson

Best thing I’ve brought TV-wise and would recommend.

I did have an issue setting it up and the customer service didn’t get back to me for a couple of days by then I worked it out myself, so that could be better. Apart from that great.

Louise Lewis

Love it 🙂

So happy with this service and the customer service is really good too 🙂

Gloria Galanopoulos

It’s great but takes a while to reload

AirTV is great only it’s a bit slow to reload.

Jeff Lawrence

The trip was a great only drawback was we couldn’t get seats together


Many of these types of services don’t hold up. This service has been working great. We all enjoy it.


Exceptional service. super quality. highly recommend.


Very helpful and the response was fast at responding to my issue


Great Service! Thanks, AirTV!!

Sheldon Hanlon

I was unable to get sky where I live, months I work my way through lots of IPTV providers and was very disappointed until I found out about AirTV, been with them 2 years now and never had a problem, best provider out there

Dimitri Gavriel

All I can say is GREAT WORK. GREAT SERVICE and very responsive

Paddy Flanagan

a good experience from start to finish

Mark Reynolds

Good service. Decent price. Code sent by email in minutes

Choice of subscriptions.

Every channel you can think of.

And beats sky hands down.

Highly recommended


Very happy with what was purchased, works well, and has plenty of options in it.

Barry Mcaleenan

Fast service. Great picture and really affordable.

Nasos has

Excellent picture, great service!!!

Cianan toland

Best IPTV service

Great layout

Lots of movies and docs on demand

Lots of great sport channels


Brilliant, channel range is fantastic and customer support is so efficient. Any issues and they come back to you very quickly. Great box and would recommend highly.

Albert Hogan

I was pleasantly surprised by the reliability of AirTV IPTV, it has never buffered on me once and even more so by the picture quality. I recently watched the PPV BOXING between Fury and Wilder 2 at no extra cost, the monthly cost of this IPTV is half the price I would have paid to get the PPV BOXING. There are countless channels with free premium sports and movies from UK, Ireland and all over the world that stream in HD quality This makes watching action movies and fast-paced sports programs very enjoyable. What is even more impressive is the Video on Demand section, covering thousands of movies and TV series, This is most definitely the best Premium IPTV out there. Try a free trial and take a look for yourselves, you won’t be disappointed. This is the best decision I have made in years, It has saved me a fortune on paying huge tv subscription costs.


The best IPTV service going around.

Have tried many other IPTV service’s and nothing comes close. Great selection of channels with no buffering at all.

Easy payment and setup.

David Forsyth

Has everything you want, and more. Great quality. Never been down in the 6 months I’ve been using it. Customer service on hand via email. Thanks, guys:)

Demetris Makrides

Many channels are available.

No stuck.

Some channels must have better quality, as TV screen sizes become larger.


I’ve tried loads of others, this is the best by far. Have had it for about 3 or 4 months, never been down. Huge amount of channels, and great quality, not 360p or 480p, but 720 and 1080. Loads, and I mean loads of channels have DVR, so you can record nearly everything you want. Also, 7 days catch-up is great, and you can schedule recordings too! Large VOD library as well! EPG for all UK and Irish channels, never been down either, like some others I’ve tried. Yes, it’s a bit more, but hell, it’s worth it. Also, customer service responds when you have a query…I spent so much on others and none come close to this. Thank you, guys!

Tim Russell

I’ve tried several IP TV services but AirTV is the best. Easy to sign up and buy, easy to install, easy to use, and a huge choice of channels. And best of all, no buffering. Love it!

Lee Carey

Quality service, very stable, code was sent instantly.

David M.

This is the best provider I have ever used .fantastic picture .fantastic service is well recommended

First I tried 1 month to see the quality of the picture I was not disappointed the picture was fantastic and the catch up was great to so I ordered 12 months .well recommended

Cornel A

Absolutely amazing will always be with AirTV.

Martin M

I’ve tried other IPTV but AirTV is far the best easy to set up and to use I would definitely recommend

Bruno I

good quality, nice choice of channels for sports and VOD movies

Suliman A

I have been using AirTV for a while and my experience is really amazing with them. They are great and helpful. I highly recommend it!

Ian B

Now had this for the second subscription and good value

Jatin M

I really recommend everyone to buy it nice quality and most important is that it’s stable no lagging.

  1. Z.
Finally found IPTV having no buffering issues.

I hope it will stay like this, it is a relief comparing with some other IPTV providers.

Hopefully, AirTV will offer some more sports channels in my country.

So, I will recommend AirTV to my friends.

Bradley J

Service is running well at the moment

James C

I only had it for a month but I will definitely be getting it again soon once we move. Awesome service

Dennis M

In my opinion, AirTV IPTV is by far and beyond the best IPTV provider out there. This is truly a premium, cord-cutting service. I was a skeptic at first but after taking the free IPTV trial for 3 days; my mind was put at ease.

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