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How to EPG services for IPTV Providers


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Mar 26, 2023
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Hi, I am the owner of https://epg.best 5 and https://xmltv.host 2

The first website was the first EPG service, published in 2016, which offered an easy solution for personalized EPG for an affordable price used by private persons and IPTV providers.

It was an immediate success and we have over 111.000 registered accounts today.

Before that there were free sources which were low quality and disappeared permanently and were completely unsopported, or there was Gracenote and similar Big Companies which demanded an annual down payment starting at €25000 for even getting to the table.

EPG BEST is a fully supported website in constant maintenance and development. It runs on over 30 servers in international datacenters on a self developed network with a team of ~10 people.

There you get an XML file and a JSON API for 9000+ channels and full technical support by a ticketing system.

You can request missing channels on our forums.

The monthly cost is €299 (or less, if you pay annually)

The second website XMLTV HOST was born out of necessity for a different approach and business model and it uses the same database as epg.best, therefore the data is always up to date and the site is maintained, but the website itself has no technical support at all and you do not get an API. If you choose this service, you are on your own with a single xmltv file.

You can create your personalized list and you pay €0.01 per channel per month. Payments are billed annually. You can rearrange or extend your list any time.

We are dedicated to both websites and we are perfectionists. You will not get better EPG data anywhere else. At least not for this price.

If you have any questions about any of the services, please ask and I will be glad to answer here.
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