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Germany IPTV | Best premium subscription IPTV business in the world

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Aug 4, 2021
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#1 Best premium subscription Germany IPTV

We have over 1300 live channels, 3000 VOD on-demand, and 200 sports channels. Including Germany, the UK, Ireland, Australia, and other European country’s channels. It has the reputation of ranking #01 in the world.AirTV IPTV is the 2022 Best Premium Subscription Germany IPTV.
We’re offering a free 3-day trial for all Android devices.

What live channels can you watch on AirTV in Germany?​

AirTV IPTV live channels provide Germany 105, including the value of the channel is: ZDF, Das Erste, RTL, VOX, SAT, Prosieben, Kabel1 Classics…
AirTV live channel picture is stable and high-definition, don’t worry about lag, as long as your network is good enough, this is not a problem. It has an engineering excellence team of over 5 years and is the best IPTV subscription service in Germany. Free trial for 3 days!

Does AirTV IPTV work with a 7-day catch-up in Germany?​

You can use the 7-day catch-up feature in Germany, where AirTV IPTV has 16 channels that can use the catch-up feature in Germany. (Das Erste, ZDF, some, RTL, Prosieben, Vox, N – TV, SKY, Eurosport, Kabel1, GEO…).
That way, even if you missed your favorite sports events and shows.
the feature lets you go back and watch your favorite shows at any time in the past seven days. No more midnight exercise.

Can I watch Sky Sports in Germany with the AirTV IPTV subscription service?​

Subscribe to our AirTV IPTV and you can watch our Sky Sports. AirTV IPTV is the best premium IPTV subscription service in Germany. You can watch British TV shows you missed in Germany, whether it’s the BBC, Sky Sports or the Premier League. AirTV IPTV can give you what you want

How important is the AirTV family package in Germany?​

In Germany, IPTV family package service has a big advantage! AirTV Extra supports home packages where you can buy a cheaper sub-device code to use home’s second or third/fourth device. AirTV Extra can be used as a multi-room/multi-device IPTV, saving you 60% on your subscription and making it even more fun for you and your family!
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