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Hi…I want to be a reseller


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Sep 24, 2022
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Hi all
I’m in the Uk, looking to become a reseller, currently browsing the net for best packages. I’ve subscribed to Iptv for over 3 years now, with tough times coming ahead I’m looking for a side hustle, knowing how many people I’ve sent to my subscriber I’m planning on going it alone. I’ still learning and hoping to learn a bit more from this forum.

I’ve done a few trials on some providers but I have lots of questions

Is top up or monthly best?
Most Iptv look similar can you change any of them to a new theme, currently use a sky glass theme which just looks amazing can I adapt that onto mine?
Can we pick and choose channels and orders that they are listed?

Apologies if they are all stupid questions, I just want to get facts right before committing, please let me know which thread I should be going on to discuss those questions
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