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How to solve 'YOUR IP IS REPORTED FOR BAN!' issus?


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Apr 15, 2022
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When i try to bind my smart iptv’s mac number with the m3u URL, it shows that ‘Your IP is reported for ban!’.

Do you have the same situation? Finally I found the reason and also found the solution, If you encounter this situation, please see my sharing.

All devices, including computers, TV boxes, etc., have an IP address.

This IP address generally can’t changed, but the following situations will cause your IP address to be blocked:

1.You share your IP number with a couple of users or more.

Some people will share their IP to others, but the risk of this is very high. Once detected, the system will block your IP.

And if you use an IP address shared by someone else, you can’t make sure what the last person do something with that IP address, and it’s likely to be intercepted by hackers.

Then you may receive a lot of spam for no reason. Therefore, never share your own IP address or use an IP address shared by others. These are all very risky things.

2. Use VPN.

I understand that some people may use VPN when using IPTV because of regional restrictions, and some people do not want let other know their real IP address.

But we don’t recommend you to use VPN, because many IPTV can’t allow to use VPN.

Once you use a VPN, your device will be at risk and your device will be at risk, which may result in the inability to connect to IPTV.

So we will ask whether you have used VPN if your IPTV cannot connect.

3. There is another situation where the IP address will be blocked: your box does not have a fixed mac number when it leaves the factory.

It happened to be the case with one of our customers. After his IPTV expired, he asked me to renew it.

After I sent him the FEXTV m3u link, he told me that it still can’t work.

Then when I helped him to bind smart iptv mac number with FEXTV m3u, it showed ‘Your IP is reported for ban! ‘

Very strange, then I confirmed with him that he is not using a VPN, I asked him to check his mac number again, and he was very surprised to tell me that his mac number had changed!

In fact, this is the reason for the box. All boxes have a mac number when they leave the factory.

But some boxes do not have a fixed mac number when they leave the factory, so the IP address of the box will change.

If you meet such a situation, please think the above whether you have opened VPN and wether you have used others IP or if you have share your IP to others. If not, you should contact the seller where you purchased the box. This box may be have problem. For subsequent cybersecurity, you need to contact your seller to resolve this issue.

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