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NavipTV Android / Windows Best IPTV Player with Pornhub included


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Jan 14, 2023
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Hi guys, I am pleased to introduce you to https://naviptv.com, it's an Android / Widnows App which offer :

• Include Pornhub in the VOD section (you must disable safe watch, and already have a subscription to at least one provider with an Ad**t content, this is made to protect the children)

• Resume your last watched VODs and Series where you left off

• 3 View modes with a double click to switch the mode (Listing, VOD View, Optimized VOD view)

• Configure your remote control

• Family protection with safe watch and profil password lock

• Supports 2 embeded players (VLC and EXO player), no need for an external player for VOD

• Smart providers import via URL and auto select categories with smart filter

• Unlimited number of search result, favorites, profiles and categories

• Up to 30 providers

• Auto clean expired or broken providers

• Auto switch provider (when the current one fails)

• Smart merge channels and categories by name and video quality

• Check stream, will check if the stream is truly working during the import

• Share your licence with your PC or Amazon Fire Stick / TV or any Android device, then use your phone as a Remote control (requires the last version for both)

• Auto filter working providers using smart import


Free Premium Code is : HOT valid only for the 3 months subscription, on any device running a certified Google Play store.
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