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Oct 22, 2021
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Welcome to CryborgStreamz.

You may be aware of us already as we have been around for almost 7 years.

Our servers are primarily UK focused though not limited as we also have USA CA and some EU content.

Our VOD / Series is massive. They are part of our service and are placed independently on their own servers. We include these within your subscription so no need to download yet another hacked or modified VOD app that you will find with other providers.

Why choose us?

We have some of the biggest and most powerful servers available on the market. These ensure that we can deliver to our customers the reliability they have come to expect from a premium provider like ourselves.

Catchup goes back 7 days and is available on well over 200+ channels. This makes us hands down one of the biggest catchup services out there.

Additionally all our channels have between 3 to 5 suppliers ranging from SD to HD/FHD plus those available 50/60fps Having several suppliers ensures that you the customer will never be left without a working option should one fail.

Our channel list is extensive and exceeds well over 10k including all the premium ones for sports, movies, documentaries, kids, music and of course Ad**t.

24/7 run into 3k plus for those can't be bothered binge days.

We can give you all the usual blah blah and make false claims about being 'The Best' or 'Number One Provider' etc I mean how many providers proclaim to be these and fall short??

We would hope that our subscribers would blow our trumpet for us. Subscribers are the real truth and having been around for many years tells us we are doing something right with a 94% of renewals record.

So it is over to you. All we ask is that you give us a go with a free 12 hour full access trial run outside of major events being aired. What you test is what you get. We do not put you on a separate server for your trial and then cheat you by putting you on another when subscribing. All we ask is that you use our dedicated app for your trial. This protects us from unwanted attention on our URL. We will support your devices / apps upon subscribing or continue using our app should you prefer? Protecting our servers protects you.

So thank you for taking the time to read. Should you have any questions or subscription requests then we will more than happy to respond via our Telegram channel without obligation.

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