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Aug 4, 2021
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The Ultimate Guide To Choose An IPTV Subscription — reliable counter blog

The best IPTV subscription service has become an alternative to broadcast television. It has become the first choice for most families.
But the massive conversion of traditional TV to IPTV is not for nothing. One of the main reasons why many people opt for IPTV is its flexibility and its economic options. You pay less for this IPTV subscription service, but you have more channels and entertainment options.
With the growing number of IPTV users, competition between companies that provide the best service continues to grow. This means that it can be difficult to choose the best IPTV subscriptions.

What is IPTV?​

Internet Protocol Television is the technology for streaming Television content over the Internet. IPTV is different from traditional terrestrial, satellite, and cable TV transmission methods. This new technology is called streaming media.
IPTV allows users to access video on demand (VOD) and watch live broadcasts. It offers a catch-up service that allows you to watch programs from the previous days. Classic EPG Guide and PVR Cloud recording, you can record your favorite shows.
Its flexibility allows IPTV subscription services to replace traditional TV and it is being a big part of the future of TELEVISION.

What are the types of IPTV?​

1. Vod on Demand Here, videos and audios are arranged into something like play-lists or other categories like sports, music, news, or videos.
2. Live Television This format relies on streams; broadcasting content as it happens. It is like watching TV on a mobile device although you cannot pause or skip segments that are not interesting.

Factors to be Considered While Selecting the IPTV subscription Service Provider​

IPTV requires a set-top box, internet connection, and an Internet-compatible TV. Any device that supports the Internet is suitable for IPTV device Compatibility.
Most IPTV subscription services use apps like IPTV Smarters Pro to watch streaming content.
But a significant number of IPTV subscription services have separate/private apps to watch TV content.
Both of these common IPTV solutions have pros and cons.
So in this case, it’s important to know how your IPTV subscription service streams.
Smarters Pro supports most major devices, such as Android Box, tablet, mobile, ios, PC, Smart TV, Firestick, Nvidia Shield, and more. Since IPTV subscription providers use separate applications, you have to narrow it down to the ones that fit your device’s needs.


I like to watch IPTV subscriptions with IPTV Smarters Pro so I can test most IPTV subscriptions by installing IPTV Smarters Pro.
But I prefer IPTV subscription services with standalone apps because they are stable and have good streaming. Standalone APP mostly means its team has enough resources & tech to develop and operate an iptv streams app.
As easy to install and use as AirTV IPTV.

Channel Selection​



I’m sure everyone has their own favorite channel. So before you find a new IPTV subscription provider, make sure you browse the list of channels available. Of course, a free trial IPTV subscription service is the best. Then, you can experience the flow and channel content before you pay to subscribe.
AirTV IPTV is for the UK, Greece, Germany, Ireland, Australia, and the diaspora.

AirTV IPTV Cover The Following Countries​

Buy IPTV server. Watch more than 1000 SD/HD/4K Live channels, best IPTV service provider for Europe, UK, AU, and the USA, or get a free IPTV trial…

international Selection:​

Buy an IPTV subscription server. Watch more than 1000 SD/HD/4K Live channels, the best IPTV subscription service provider for Europe, the UK, AU, and the USA, or get a free IPTV trial…

Stream Quality​

Of course, as anyone who has used an IPTV subscription service knows.
content quality and buffering are key factors that affect an IPTV subscription service. Thus, my opinion is trial, trial, trial before you subscribe.
AirTV IPTV has the most reliable IPTV service since 2015, with over 1,000 live channels, over 3,000 latest movie shows, and live world sports.
AirTV IPTV has no buffering and is stable in HD.
Offer a free 3-day beta that lets you test this subscription before you buy it, no credit card required!

Trial Version​

Many IPTV subscription services offer a free beta, either for 24 hours or 72 hours!
There’s nothing fixed about this, of course, but it’s a way for users to learn more about IPTV subscriptions. Was the service stable during the test?
AirTV IPTV offers a free 3-day trial so users can test it out before paying.

Package price IPTV subscription package​

AirTV IPTV comes in two packages:
AirTV normal packages: EPG, 1000+ Live, 3000+ VOD, PPV, 3days trial.
AirTV Extra: All Standard Package, Catch UP, Cloud PVR, VOD with.

The best quality IPTV service​



AirTV IPTV is an IPTV streaming service for live TV channels and on-demand content. It has a large number of local live TV channels available in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Greece, Australia, Italy, Germany. IPTV streams TV channels in high definition quality. It has many sporting events on on-demand streaming. AirTV IPTV has the most reliable IPTV service since 2015, with over 1,000 live channels, over 3,000 latest movie shows, and live world sports.
AirTV Extra supports all Android devices, and you can get AirTV Extra IPTV and Broadcast TV channels on Fire TV.
IPTV AirTV Features:
★AirTV Extra IPTV offers over 1000 TV channels for live broadcasting, including pay-TV channels.
★It offers more than 3,000 movies, series, and TV shows on demand.
★AirTV Extra IPTV has a PVR to save live streams of TV channels as well as on-demand content.
★It offers PPV streaming for special events and streams EPL, EFL, UFC, boxing, F1, golf, and other football matches.
★IPTV offers playback of the past 7 days to re-access live streaming.
It supports both grid EPG and classic EPG.
★IPTV has excellent customer support to answer users’ questions.
Support for all Android devices.
★ The service can only be used on one specific device(one code one connection). So when your device fails, you can use the same subscription service on another device. But you need to contact customer service and transfer the license to the new device. Now AirTV Extra releases Family Package, which can help you enjoy more connections at a cheaper fee.
★Some channels can only be viewed through VPNs in certain countries (e.g., Greek pay channels from Greece)
★ AirTV IPTV subscription works only for Fire TV Stick devices and Android devices.




Iptvgear is the best-paid IPTV subscription service.
IPTV GEAR Premium IPTV provider with more than 9000 channels and a private server using +10Gbps. The premium IPTV subscription service does not must the traditional satellite signal and cable TV model to complete.
I like to watch IPTV subscriptions with IPTV Smarters Pro so I can test most IPTV subscriptions by installing IPTV Smarters Pro.
★No More Expensive Cable Bills.
★IPTV service is always up 99,99 percent of the time!
★Solid IPTV Service, Without Buffering And Freezing
★You Get 24/7 Customer Service.
★VOD owns television series (more than 20,000), 20K movies, and all the New Releases.
★H264 compression technology.
★SD and HD quality content.
★ IPTVGear does not offer free tests!




Verdict: My favorite IPTV service is to enjoy live TV shows, movies, web series, and other stuff. You would be pretty impressed with their service as it is compatible with almost every device and works with all applications.
This IPTV provider has anti-freezing servers and offers a buffer-free experience. You can buy a trial from them if you want to learn more about it.
The service is compatible with Firestick, computers/laptops, mobile devices, Mag/Enigma Boxes, smart TVs, and more.
★More than 20,000+ channels and 60,000+ VODs
★Offers many connections.
★A free trial is available for 24 hours.
★Offers reseller panel.
★Has a wide range of device compatibility.
★No IP lock works with VPN.
Package price:
$18.99 for a month
$50.99 for 3 months
$80.99 for 6 months
Is IPTV the future of TELEVISION?
As it turns out, people are spending less time watching TV, and there is a growing demand for flexible, customizable content. And IPTV is the perfect solution to combine voD with live TV as online video platforms that offer on-demand content grow (Youtube, for example).
Thus, it is safe to conclude that IPTV will replace traditional TV first and stand out in the fierce network video broadcasting industry. IPTV is the best streaming solution.
Do you need the most popular IPTV service? Then, you must prefer the top and best IPTV solutions. They are providing a high-quality solution for screens and devices across the world. It delivers terrific solutions and develops HD video quality for video monetization capabilities. Hurry up and get the best quality IPTV services.
  1. Nikon IPTV
  2. King-iptv
  3. Kemo IPTV
  4. Falcon TV
  5. Beastiptv
Here have mentioned top iptv players and choose the best player for your Smart tv.
For more than 20 IPTV third-party players to install and use tutorials can be found on this website! Very detailed. More player installs are coming soon. otviptv
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