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Oct 29, 2021
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Hong Kong
Regarding the best m3u streaming service, I believe that is a very ambiguous question.

To judge whether an IPTV is the best, there are several preconditions first.

1. Does this IPTV have a channel I want to watch?​

With thousands of IPTV providers on the market, it’s hard to find one that fits your needs exactly. Most IPTV subscriptions will have LIVE content from many countries, not the exact channels that you want. Therefore, I would like to suggest you test the IPTV to see if it has what you want to see.

2. Does this IPTV support my device?​

Most IPTV servers on the market are commonly used on Android OS devices, which include Android TV Box, Amazon Firestick, Nvidia Shield, Mi Box, Android TV, Google Chromecast, etc. There are still many IPTV that can use on the Mag Box, Apple TV, PC. Both Apple TV and PC will need to download the IPTV media player, such as IPTV Smarters Pro, GSE Smart IPTV, VLC, KODI, etc. The media players can watch the LIVE after you log in to the IPTV account as IPTV m3u URL or Xtream codes API.

For example: My device is Apple TV with the GSE Smart IPTV player. I want to watch the USA, Canada programs. In this case, I will send the 48 hours FEXTV free trial m3u file to the client.

FEXTV is a global IPTV, which includes most of the mainstream countries’ info, and supports all the devices.

3. Is this a Stable IPTV?​

The quickest way to determine whether an IPTV server is stable or not is to test it. Of course, there are still many IPTVs, which are great when you test them, and then after you pay for them, they occur problems.
Also, you can determine stability or instability in a big sports match show. As we found there are some IPTVs, the server will be slow and unstable when it comes to big game programs.
The seller won’t tell you where the server is, but you’ll find that the same IPTV works differently in different regions. Of course, it may be affected by other factors.

4. What are the functions of this IPTV?​

The most common functions will be LIVE and VOD. And the other features will be the Family package/sub-device, cloud recording, catch up, EPG, Favorite/Group, free trial code, monthly subscriptions, etc.

For example: Dave wants to buy 3 subscription codes for his house, does he buy 3 IPTV codes?

If this is the case, we would recommend you to use the Family Package of iviewHD Plus. The Family Package is one master code, plus 2 sub-codes.
1. The sub-codes are 60% cheaper than the master account.
2. The main code and the sub-code are identical except that the sub-code does not have a Cloud PVR function.
Hence, you will get three codes with almost the same functions at a much cheaper price.

Note:iviewHD Plus supports one master code with 3 sub-devices codes at least.

5. Does this IPTV offer a free trial code?​

As we know, most IPTV service providers will offer a free trial code, it might have 2 hours to 7 days. When you got the free trial account, you can test the channels, functions, stability, etc.

All in all, whether this IPTVis good or bad can not be determined from one side. Be sure to judge if it’s right for you based on your needs. No matter how perfect the IPTV is for you, some customers will find it unsuitable. Therefore, the IPTV that suits you is the best IPTV.

Do you think that your current IPTV is the best one?

Leave your comments on the below blank sections, let’s have a talk.
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