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Xtrixtv-shop + Android Device + Firestick +Nvidia Shield+ForumlerZ8= Best Combination partner / 3 days free trial!


Sep 19, 2021
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London, UK
Xtrixtv. shop is the best IPTV subscription service of 2022, offering a free 3-day test to a wide range of new users! The stable HD picture and excellent frame rate allow you to watch all the programs you want. (Free test click here: IPTV Subscription)

The telecast was flawless. All the channels are there. Premium sports channels are my personal favorite. Have you missed a lot of interesting storylines lately?

There's no hurry! Xtrixtv. shop has 1000+ live channels, 3000+VOD on demand, 200+ valuable sports channels, as long as you want sports, football, PPV boxing matches, as well as wonderful movies and reality shows here. When you miss your favorite shows, Xtrixtv. shop offers a catch-up service that allows you to go back to any time period in the past 7 days and watch what you want. When you encounter your favorite programs, you can use their PVR cloud recording function, but also built-in live EPG function. EPG or TV Guide can keep you up to date with the day's TV schedule.

My favorite is xtrixTv.shop's family package, which allows multiple rooms at the same time, multiple device sharing, and up to four devices can be connected. Mainly, you and your family can watch your favorite shows and channels, the best of both worlds, and save up to 60% on your subscription.

Overall, I was surprised by the reliability of the convection, and even more so by the image quality. It divides a broad sports section by category and a separate section for live competition. Excellent quality and frame rate! There are countless channels streaming in HD quality and high FPS. This makes watching action movies and fast-paced sports programs very fun.

You can test their free 3-day service in advance! I'm sure you won't be disappointed.

Xtrixtv. Shop service01.png
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