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How to Use Cloud PVR functions on iviewHD plus?


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Oct 29, 2021
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Hong Kong
iviewHD and iviewHD Plus is the most premium IPTV for the users who want to watch UK, Germany, Italia, Russia, Arabic, Albania, and other countries’ programs. iviewHD and iviewHD Plus are the exact same contents as ATV, ATV Plus, Xtrix TV, and Xtrix TV Plus. Their VOD, LIVE, functions are exactly the same, but the area of use is different.

What’s the difference between iviewHD basic version and iviewHD Plus version?​

Both contents of LIVE and VOD are the same, but iviewHD Plus IPTV has more extra functions.
  1. Cloud PVR (Recoding) functions
  2. 7 days catch up for over 200+ LIVE
  3. More wonderful sports events on VOD
  4. Support family package with sub-code/sub-device
In this article, I will focus on how to use the PVR feature on iview HD Plus.

Cloud PVR (Personal Video Recorder) allows users to record their favorite LIVE games and save them on the server for at least 40 hours of videos. You can watch it whenever you want.
How to Cloud Record?
Step 1: Select the channel to be recorded and click the menu button on the remote control

Step 2: Select the channel program you need to record

Step 3: Click Record

Step 4: Record successfully

Step 5: Return to the main screen and select REC

Step 6: Click on List by Channels to view the record and click on Play

Cloud PVR Functions Features​

  • Select Record Series to view the time slots available for recording in the recent period of this show, and you can multi-select to record.

  • Support booking recording, you can book a recording for a few days later, iview HD Plus will record automatically, whether your Android TV Box is turn on or not

  • Support multiple channels recoding simultaneously, which means you can watch Sports show, and record other shows at the same time.
iviewHD series IPTV supports Android OS devices only, such as Android TV boxes, Amazon Fire TV Stick, Chromecast, HAKO MINI ATV box, Nvidia Shield Pro, etc. For other devices, like Apple TV, it will need the streaming player for watching LIVE. The popular players are IPTV Smarters Pro, GSE Smart IPTV. After downloading and installing, you just need to log in with IPTV m3u or Xtream codes API IPTV service. If your device is Apple TV or any media player, kindly let me know, I will send the free test IPTV m3u or Xtream codes API according to the channels you want to watch.
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