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Free How to Use IPTV Activation Code to watch live streaming?


Aug 10, 2022
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How To Get An XtrixTV Activation Code​

Getting an XtrixTV activation code is very simple, all you need to do is visit the IPTV service website and select the package or plan you want, complete the relevant information and you will find the activation code in your email or by logging into the website.

Get A Free XtrixTV Activation Code​

Because XtrixTV IPTV offers a free trial, you can get an activation code for the service for free in the following ways

  1. Visit the XtrixTV website.
  2. Click the Register button in the upper right corner to register for a free account. (Remember to click on the activation email after filling out the information to complete your registration)
  3. Visit the XtrixTV website again and select the free trial of XtrixTV or XtrixTV Plus.
    Check out this article to learn What is the difference between XtrixTV and XtrixTV Plus.
  4. After your order is submitted, wait for the system to send you an IPTV activation code.
For complete information on IPTV activation codes, please click Continue.
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