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OTT service MAG522 and VPN


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May 5, 2022
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Hi everyone,

I searched the forum for any similar posts but I couldn't find anything, so I'm sorry if there is something there and I didn't see it. This is my first post and I'm looking for help regarding an issue I have with my OTT subscription. Actually the problem is not with the provider but with the country regulations and now I cannot watch the service since it is blocked. So let me give you a brief summary of the problem

I have a simple LED TV (not smart), an 100Mb internet connection received on the provider's wireless modem router (not one from the market and without VPN option), a MAG522 box by Infomir, and a yearly subscription of OTT service. I connected and configured the box and everything was working perfect till one day, recently, the service was blocked by a governmental authority and I can't connect to the service anymore. I contacted the OTT service provider and he recommended to install a VPN. I searched a lot in the web but I couldn't find anything that will allow me to install a VPN on my MAG box, since it is Linux. Also to change the Router to a new one from the market (such as a fritz!box) it is not an option at the moment, as it would be difficult to configure it successfully since I really don't know the details and also it will cost a lot for a device that I already have.

Could you please recommend configurations of devices that will solve the problem? I was told to change my TV to a smart one (we need a new TV actually) but I'm not sure that this will solve the problem (I searched and it needs also a fire TV stick (?), I'm so confused). All recommendations are highly appreciated!
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